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Tea and Hookah: what teas can you smoke

Pour a cup of your favourite green tea and make yourself comfortable, there is a good amount of interesting information about this tasty beverage. Or not only beverage? All new is well overlooked old. Our predecessors had found several ways to make usual smoking of tobacco more versatile. Long live the Tea!

Besides its warming ability and useful qualities, green tea can be used for filling your pipes and rolling papers.
A friend of your friend has shared a ‘secret’ information ‘There is nothing good in smoking cigarettes, now it is a high time for smoking tea.’ Let it be, all of us know about the bad and disruptive influence of nicotine on our body. Now there is a new question ‘How to smoke a green tea and what for?’

The process is the same as with usual homemade cigarettes – take tea leaves and roll it with the help of rolling paper into cigarettes. You can notice that it is a bit more difficult than rolling of usual tobacco, as leaves of good quality are somehow bigger. Be patient and everything will work out.

It is said that smoking tea can affect your health in a good way:

  • Lowered anxiety. L-theanine effects neurotransmitter receptors and it helps to lower the level of person’s anxiety and nervousness.
  • Improved memory and focus. The leaves of green tea contain L-theanine with caffeine that leads to lowering of deterioration of all mental functions such as concentration and memory abilities.
  • Better metabolism. Green tea makes human’s metabolism better if consume it as a beverage. You can smoke green tea, but there are no studies proving the same effect by smoking it.
  • Good replacement for cigarettes with nicotine. I don’t insist on perceiving this type of smoking as a good way of substitution of your cigarettes, as there is no confirmed information by scientists about this curable effect. But people say what they say. A lot of them insist on smoking green tea as the good manoeuvre to avoid smoking cigarettes and nicotine as well.

tea and hookah

It is important to note that nowadays there are not enough of conducted researches on the subject of green tea smoking, all the information is known from usual consumers of this kind of smoking.

Smoking tea and herbs is a legal process. Tribes in various parts of the world smoke some of them, some are used for medical purposes, and some are used in holistic treatments: Wild Dagga, Kratom, Passion Flower, Mullein, Blue Lotus, Yerba, Cannabaceae, Wild Lettuce, Indian Warrior. They are the same nature as tea.

Green or earl grey: teas which you can smoke

Greet Camellia sinensis – that is a scientific name for a green tea plant and the reason for smoking this kind of tea. Also, oolong, black, and white tea are made from the first spring buds of Camellia sinensis.

The difference between smoking earl grey tea and green teas look like this:

  • Earl grey tea smoke is smooth but heavy. You can compare it to pipe tobacco. There is a feeling of the numb tongue and aromatic aftertaste.
  • Green tea gives you mild relaxation and thanks to caffeine works as a mild pain reliever.
  • Black Tea smoking is more tobacco-like, as it is a bit harsh, whilst green tea tastes like herb. It’s pretty logical as IT IS a herb. Firstly, it is hard on the lungs, but if this kind of tea is more preferable for you, there is the opportunity to get used to it.

Green or earl grey teas which you can smoke

Teabag or loose tea?

Loose tea is priceyer, but you are going to let the smoke in your lungs. So, first things first – quality as we talk about our health. You don’t want to smoke a dust and low-quality leaves, even if it is about the economy. The answer to the question ‘can you smoke green tea?’ is ‘Yes’ if you prefer loose tea in the tins.

The first British and Dutch exporters of green tea couldn’t even imagine that they opened an amazing beverage but harmless alternative to modern nicotine-contained cigarettes. Or could they? The tea was smoked yet in ХІХ century. They were not marginal or declassing elements but high and mighty English ladies, it was more honourable smoke for women than for the men at that time. We just take back this old aristocratic habit now.

How to make a hookah with a tea?

Have you got a clue about such a thing as tea hookah? The new spin on the traditional hookah smoking with no nicotine and a full flavour. Welcome to the age innovations! People look for more and more effective ways of reducing their bad habits. It is hard to get rid of smoking but you can replace WHAT you smoke with more natural filling.

Take a tea you like most (grey or green) and fill a bowl. If leaves are too big, you can tear them. There are a big variety of flavour syrups, find which is the best for you and add several drops to your mixture. Remember about several spoons of glycerine as it won’t be possible to warm all this without the component. After filling a bowl make a small hole to put there a hookah foil after it is heated. It creates a normal circulation of the air through all the tea leaves. Warm up coals and put it on the hookah foil, to heat the filling. Let it warm for 15 minutes. Then put everything on the hookah an enjoy the modern way of smoking with no harm to your lungs and head.

Hookah has got such a feature as giving your head a small dizziness. Smoking tea recommended to those who like hookah for its smoke, not the dizziness. If you replace usual tobacco with quality tea leaves it will help you to avoid this unpleasant feeling.