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We could start by praising ourselves for the hard work and achievements, but let the GenelSmoke tobacco speak for itself. You should not take our word for it when we state to have a fine luxury product. When it comes to shisha tobacco you cannot fool anyone.


Our customers can tell the quality from the first inhale. So we have to be really particular about what we pack into the GenelSmoke marked boxes. After all, the end product has our name on it.


It all started as a family company back in 2008. A young family of Martha and David Genel. Then unexperienced romantics with no funds and a lot of confidence wanted to create something of their own using all the talent and passion they have. They loved to smoke shisha in the evenings, together or share it with friends. This was their relaxing and bonding time, so they wanted something better than just generic tobacco.

The Genels loved to smoke shisha but the stull on the market tasted the same due to being a private brand manufactured abroad while sold in the UK under different company names. Thus with a humble investment from an elder brother Jason Genel they started reaching out to different labs looking for a technologist able to work out a manufacturing process as well as the factory able to carry it out in Europe.


Two years later the long and painstaking process was over and the GenelSmoke brand was ready to see this world. The Genels have created a manufacturing process of the hand-made luxury hookah tobacco. The contracts with German farmers were signed, the manufacturing equipment and the production space was ready. Everything carried out by a small enthusiast team. So we still consider 2010 to be the year GenelSmoke was born.

Now it was time to market our product. Most people in the shisha industry have their favourite brands so we first had to introduce the free samples in order to get some popularity. Finally, shisha bars and smoke shops in the Greater London Area have slowly started to recognize the fine luxury.


In Genel Smoke, we believe in a steady growth rather than instant success. We take our time gradually taking over new markets and creating more lifelong partnerships.

We have gone international in 2015 when more shisha bars in Ireland and Northern Europe became interested in our stuff recognizing the work and dedication we put into the product.


Now in 2018 GenelSmoke is still a family-owned brand with a very close-knit team that is dedicated to delivering the best quality possible. The leaves can only be German and the glycerine can only be of medical sterility. The water for our leaves can only be a regenerated well water etc.

It is the attention to the details and the painstaking manufacturing process that makes any product really unique. We did not want the generic food flavors either, so we had to come up with our own. Every taste you see on our website is tried and tested to be good.

GenelSmoke takes pride in the unique tastes. We have come up with ideas like blueberries and mint, pomegranate and mint, lemon and lime, passion fruit and mango, guava and mango, cherry cola, rose milk, and many others.
We hate boring flavors actually. When we started Genel the market was filled with some basic pineapple, melon, cherry aromas so we knew we have to make a tasteful statement.


The GenelSmoke product is manufactured in the EU by the people who know their work and are passionate about the product they create. If you purchase our tobacco you get the same identical luxury product we came up within 2010. Sincerely yours,
The Genel Team
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