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GenelSmoke Fine Tobacco: 6 Reasons to Try

Since you have landed on this page, you probably already know a few things about smoking and tobacco quality. Do you have your favorite shisha flavors? Imagine your favorite aroma highlighted by the UK luxury quality together with German dedication. Sounds amazing, huh? The GenelSmoke has got dozens of hookah flavors. What makes this online tobacco selling company stand out is the top quality and attention to all the finest details.

About GenelSmoke Products

Step 1

We give our preferences to the German-grown leaves only. The government of this country has very strict rules towards the use of pesticides. Together with the dedicated hard work of local German farmers these results in beautiful Berly and Virginia Gold tobacco leaves.

Step 2

As we receive the dried leaves we rinse them in the generated well water.

Step 3

Then the leaves are wrung till the humidity level is appropriate. The leaves should have just the right amount of moisture, not too wet and not too dry. Otherwise, we won’t have the proper burning time or flavor. Later we soak the leaves in pure sterile medical glycerine for 7 days. The leaves are thoroughly mixed every 6 hours during all 7 days.

Step 4

After the leaves are soaked in properly we centrifuge them till they get filled up with oxygen. To flavor the leaves we use an 82% dense honey substitute together with the finest food flavors.

Step 5

The finished product is then left for 24 hours. We leave it alone so the taste can soak in and the ending aroma will be just right. It is important to let it sit for some time being unpacked as this process cannot be finished in the hermetic package.

Step 6

We pack the end product by ourselves and the entire process is being controlled manually. That’s why we can proudly state that our product is handcrafted. Making it the ultimate luxury leaf.
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We love to mix and match the hookah flavors for the best results possible. You can have numerous varieties to choose from. Think about the aromas like pomegranate and mint, blueberries and mint, ice mint, candy apple, mojito, cherry cola, passion fruit mango, etc.
It is not just a fruit flavored tobacco. We add something extra to every pack coming up with new types of unique products. You can see the full list of our tastes online.
But if you can tell a quality leaf, why not go beyond just being a consumer? The good news is that flavored tobacco can become your business. Read on how you could work with us and benefit greatly from the amazing cooperation.

Become A Partner

GenelSmoke is open for cooperation with international distributors. Let us know If you are interested in long-term cooperation.
The wholesale starts with just 10 kilos. This luxury flavored tobacco does not need advertisement as the brand is very famous and will sell itself.
If you buy from us once, you will definitely come back for more. And so will your customers. We offer the best possible shisha flavors for sale.
It is extremely unlikely we’ll ever have a competition in the segment.
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