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Keeping Tobacco Moist: Industry Insider Tips

This blog entry will be useful for shisha rookies as well as shisha professionals. Since we do care about our customers and want to keep you guys happy and satisfied with the product you can always come back to our website for more valuable information. We will always be on the customer side. The premium quality smoke is quite dear and once you have made that investment you want to make the most of it.

Not every shisha user is the same, some smoke every day and some only want shisha on the weekends or party days. If you are the type of customer that likes to collect flavours and store them, this information will be valuable for you. Save yourself some money by treating the shisha properly. We have collected all valuable info in one source.

Read on how to store shisha keeping it tasty and flavoursome for the years to come. Every product requires a proper handling and care. Have you noticed that your shisha tobacco gets stale over time? It changes flavour as well as colour. And you have to repurchase the product every time it goes bad. It is always sad to see the good stuff going stale over time. Read on to find out how to store open tobacco hookah. Only the best tips and tricks for our valuable customers.

How to Store Hookah Tobacco

Forget all the hassle and stress about storing your smoke mix. Now you have all the best ideas gathered together in one article. We have received a fair amount of questions about proper handling and storage. The customers have been waiting for this blog entry for a long time. Due to a super busy and tight schedule, it took us some time to make another blog entry. And so we have delivered on the promise. So here is how you can make sure your stuff is always good to go. It is not rocket science and generally, everything is fairly simple. In order to always have a fresh hookah tobacco you should do the following:

  • Where to store hookah tobacco? Find a spot in your house that is dark and cool. It can be your kitchen or any other suitable storage space. The shisha does not require a lot of space, just a small spot on one of your shelves in the cupboard will be enough. It should not be too moist and also it should be protected from temperature fluctuations. So a spot near the stove would definitely not be a good choice.
  • Make sure the package is sealed. That means no flavour or moisture will escape the mixture. If you want, you can get a special shisha tobacco storage container that is hermetic and will keep the product fresh and flavoursome. You have a wide choice of ziplock bags or Tupperware tobacco storage containers. They are not that pricey and will be a good investment. The containers are reusable, but the bags are definitely not. Just something for you to keep in mind.
  • The best way to store hookah tobacco is to protect it from any interaction with the surrounding environment. The sunlight can also be very damaging. If you see the mix changing colour, it could mean the taste is not that good anymore. The sunlight can make your shisha dry and faded and generally not good. The lamps can have a similar effect that is why we recommend to store in a dark place
  • Leave a sticker with a purchase date on your shisha storage container. This might be a small detail but quite an important one when it comes to storing tobacco. When you come back to the package a few months later you will know exactly how long the product has been stored. And you will feel extremely proud to be such a conscious and tidy smoker that keeps all his stuff in order.

How To Store Hookah Tobacco 1

Now you know all the best hookah tobacco storage tips. They are pretty easy to follow and remember if you feel like the flavour or the colour has changed in any way just contact us for help and assistance. Do not be shy to ask more questions though. We love hearing back from our customers.

Shisha Storage Period

Just like every other product out there the shisha tobacco must have a best before date on the packaging. Every manufacturer is required to put the due date aka the best before date on the package. There is a law that every manufacturer must follow and the due date is always a pretty vague estimate.

There is no guarantee that the product should go bad once it is due. Nobody knows exactly how long it can take for the shisha to go bad. So do not worry about the best before dates. It does not mean that you have to throw the tobacco away once it is due. However, if you take proper care of your dear smoke the product will be good for the years to come. If your shisha looks and tastes good – it is smokable. As simple as that.

No need to worry about how to make your hookah taste fresh. With our simple guideline, the product will remain flavoursome for more than two years. In fact, it can remain good to go for like a few years depending on how careful you are.

More to Know

You might have come across some articles suggesting to keep the flavoured tobacco in the freezer. We can neither confirm nor deny that it is good. The freezer topic has always been a debatable one. Some shisha lovers keep the shisha tobacco in the freezer while others state that the flavours still evaporate even in sub-zero temperatures.

Let’s just say there are some better options than the freezer. Although hands down the shisha is definitely protected from the light when hidden away in the freezer. But you have some other things to consider as well. First of all, the mix should always be sealed so water cannot escape. Make sure the product is moist ladies and gentlemen, it is the foundation of all foundations when it comes to a proper shisha tobacco storage. The cold temperature might interact with the flavours and change the oils in your tobacco. However, some of our customers still feel like the freezer is the best option for them.

What You Shouldn’t Do With Shisha

If you are a beginner wondering how to make shisha properly let us tell you it is fairly easy mate. If your tobacco mix is good and the coal is good you will do just fine. You can go creative and experiment with the liquid in your shisha tube, try all the different flavours etc. As tobacco professionals, we are here to give you the proper basics of handling and storage so you can have all the fun with your shisha and avoid the disappointment of any of your stuff going bad.

  • We do not recommend you trying to refresh a stale tobacco with your own honey or glycerine.
  • We are all for having fun but experiments with the product content is not a good idea.


There is more to a good smoke than just tobacco. You also have to take care of the charcoal. It is also quite a fragile product that needs some attention. Let us talk about how to store charcoal properly. The thing is that coal can go bad and moist thus it also requires proper handling. Which is fairly easy you just need to keep it sealed in a dry place away from the fire. This way your shisha charcoal will be good for the years to come and you will not have to worry about it going bad.

Coil for Shisha

Save yourself some money and make sure you do not have to throw away the good stuff. If the coal goes moist you can try to lay your coal out in the sun and hope that it dries out properly. However, if there is a lot of moisture deep inside the product it will take a pretty long time to dry.

If you try to burn the coal that has moisture inside of it the heat might be uneven. You might think that uneven burning does not matter that much but it is actually a big issue because you will not be able to get a proper flavour without some proper even heat. If a tiny charcoal briquette gets fragile or falls apart, you will have to get rid of it. Fragile charcoal won’t give you any proper heat either.

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