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Ice Hose For Hookah Puffs

Everyone who loves to smoke a hookah or a person who had the opportunity to smoke shisha with cold smoke at least once knows that it is much nicer than a nargile with regular, room temperature smoke.

So how can you get this chilled smoke?
You can try to cool the liquid in the flask or cool the very hookah mine, but this is ineffective. There are hookahs with a large heart-shaped part, through which smoke passes directly, and where you can put a lot of ice, but such hookahs are very expensive.
The easiest, most reliable and convenient way is a tube with a built-in cooler. By the way, the price for it is more acceptable than on a separate hookah, in which you can put ice. So how does it work, and how to use it correctly?

The cool hookah hoses are unique hookah accessories which work in conjunction with a silicone hookah hose or other similar hose styles that have a removable mouthpiece. Pre-frozen plastic water bags or special ice balls are placed inside the hookah cooler. When the smoke passes through the tip and comes into contact with ice, the cool hookah smoke is very well chilled so that you can feel the unforgettable vibes while smoking hookah!

What is Cool Hookah Hose?

A cartridge (cooling battery) that has been pre-cooled in a fridge is placed in a collapsible mouthpiece. And this cartridge absolutely safely cools your smoke for thirty minutes. After that, you can put it back cool, but for now take a new, spare.

Also, if you have a hookah silicone tube or another similar tube with a removable mouthpiece, you can use a separate hookah cooler, which also functions as a mouthpiece. Small ice packs are placed inside the cooler.

Cool Hookah Hose Bazooka

The principle of operation is the same as that of the tube with cooling (during the passage through the mouthpiece the smoke cools and you inhale the already cold smoke which is your hookah with ice).

The length of these coolant mouthpieces is usually about 30 centimetres. You can put in the freezer for 1-2 hours, as the entire chiller, and separate moulds for ice. After use, rinse it to prevent staining. Just hold under running water for three minutes.

Useful Ice Tip For Hookah

If you want to enjoy thick, cool smoke, the methods for achieving this goal are very limited – you can add ice cubes to a flask of water, or if your hookah is equipped with an ice packer at the top of the mine, ice can be added there. Although it does not give the desired effect. So what we gonna do in such situation? The newest hookah innovation – a cooler for bazooka hookah hose.

Inside are non-toxic packets of water that, when frozen, act like ice cubes that don’t make a mess when they melt. When the flavoured smoke makes its journey from the bowl to the lips, it passes through the final glove of ice, which in combination with frozen water produces unsurpassed smooth smoke!

Here’s how it works:

  • Put the hookah cooler in the freezer for 1-2 hours or only ice moulds separately until they are completely ice-cold.
  • After the ice packs inside are frozen, insert a large cone-shaped piece into a special silicone hose for hookah.
  • Smoke.
  • Simply run tap water through it for up to a minute. Shake a few times or wipe with a napkin. Congrats, you are gorgeous!

Let’s summarize cons and pros of ice hose for hookah.


  • It freezes fast, insulated frozen bags or cooling balls prevent leakage and makes very cold and thick smoke.


  • The intense cooling effect lasts about 30 minutes, although sometimes longer, depending on the intensity of smoking. The detail is somewhat bulky and it cannot be used with all hoses.

How To Prolong the Period of Operation of Hookah Hose

if you want that accessory to serve for a long time and please with its functions, it is necessary to take care of it constantly. After each smoking, the product must be rinsed with warm water without using detergent. Before you begin washing, blow the hose well to ensure that the rest of the smoke is completely out.

Flowing water from the tap must be poured on the side where the hookah accessory is attached to the bowl. After each fifth use, it is recommended to wash the product with a solution of soda and vinegar, and then rinse it again with water.

Such uncomplicated procedures will prolong the life of the hookah hose, and you will be able for a very long time to enjoy an excellent burden and pleasant smoke while smoking a hookah.

Enjoy your smoking!