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How to Cleаn a Hookah

Cleaning hookah is an extremely important procedure. Not only for sanitary conditions: proper care will extend the life of the hookah and make each seance pleasant, fragrant and smoky, without the “impurities” of past blockings.

If you are carrying out this process for the first time, you can use video or photo materials to better understand how everything works. There are several rules that you should definitely follow.

How to wash a hookah?

Thіs іs a rather important question, but often it is this that makes newbies make a terrible mistake – use detergents. Almost all detergents contain the smell, which is simply impossible to remove. As a result, with each smoking, you will feel an unpleasant chemical taste.

Sometimes for cleaning use soda or citric acid diluted in water. This is a good way to remove pollution, but in some cases, this option not required. Before buying, check with the seller whether the device can be washed with soda or citric acid, whether this will affect the condition of the coating.

How to clean out a bowl?

It is recommended to use only hands when washing: brushes and scrapers can damage the coating of the cup and make it unfit for smoking. To easily remove carbon deposits you need to put the bowl in a container with hot water and leave it there for a while. To clean the holes in the parts, lower it under a strong water jet or clean it gently with a soft brush or napkin.

Before you clean the flask, you need to pour out of it the liquid with which it is filled. Further, using a special ruff, it is necessary to wash it inside using soda. Then a detail it is necessary well to dry up.

Tobacco pipe cleaning solution

Washing the pipe is simple. If the handle at the hose is detached, then it is bеtter to wash all thе pаrts separately. To clean the inside of the hоse, usе a special brush. Long ruff for cleaning the hose itself, and a small ruff for the handle. To clear a strong plaque with a hose, make a solution of water and dish detergent in the basin. Place the hose in the solution for a day. Then rinse the hose very well. Blow out all the air and dry it well. Flush the hose until you are sure that there are definitely no traces of chemicals from the detergent left in the hose.

The mouthpiece can be washed in different ways, it all depends on the material from which it is made. Metal and glass mouthpieces can be easily cleaned with hot water, raster citric acid, and a soft brush. Wooden, although covered with a protective layer, does not like to be in the water for a long time – it is for them an aggressive environment that promotes the appearance of cracks.

How to wash mine for a hookah?

Use a separate dish or bowl. Choosing a tool for cleaning, it is worth considering the degree of contamination of the mine. If the patina is rubbing off easily, then liquid soap is enough. In other cases, use special tools for cleaning surfaces.

Moisten the brush with water or put it into the prepared solution for a while. Flush the mine and all its parts with water. Use a large brush to clean the inner part pipe of the mine. If the pipe is long, then it is necessary to clean it from both sides.

After washing the mine must be thoroughly dried. To wipe with a rag from water drops. Blow air through the pipe in the mine and all hard-to-reach places. To the maximum, try to dry the mine and all its parts.

It is worth remembering that the mine is a major part of the hookah and requires more time to clean, unlike other parts.


Is it possible to wash a hookah in a dish-washing machine?
It is not recommended to use a dishwasher to wash a hookah. The flask has a narrow throat, which will not allow cleaning the internal walls from plaque. Water with liquid soap will remain on the walls of the flask.
After the dishwasher, you must rinse all parts of the hookah separately manually, so that there is no detergent on the surfaces. Such a hookah will have a pronounced soap taste. Smoking will be unpleasant.

Features of washing a hookah after adding milk, alcohol, syrups, and fruits to a flask
After smoking, the hookah with the addition of milk on the walls of the flask remains plaque. Remove it only with water dоes nоt wоrk. It іs necessary to place in the flask an ordinary kitchen rag. Pour some water into the flask. Take the flask in both hands. One palm to close the hole, and the second to take the bottom. Compress the flask in the canopy so that it does not fall out. Rotate the flask synchronously in the hands in a circle away from you, and then towards yourself. Continue until the walls of the flask are clean. Flush the flask. If necessary, you can add a little detergent. In the same way, flush the flask after adding alcohol, syrups or fruit to the flask.

Does the purity of the hookah affect the taste?
The purity of the hookah directly affects the taste. There are many different flavours of hookah dressings. Some of them are faint, while others have an incredibly bright taste (citrus or mint). There are tastes that when mixed give a very unpleasant feeling. These flavours include chocolate, coffee or various spices. Hookah is so strongly impregnated with these scents such that whenе smоking hookah nеxt to othеr tаstes, still felt their taste.