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Hookah & Shisha coals: guide for beginners

Smoking the shisha tobacco you vaporizing it, and that is why it goes smoother. Hookah is good for smokers as they get this head dizziness when they smoke a shisha. As tobacco is the main ingredient for your hookah, such thing as shisha coals for heating it means a lot.

Take notice, smoking a hookah, it has to be totally sealed. Keep it close, so the top of the hookah bowl to stay the only entrance for air pulling on the hookah.

What role is playing hookah charcoal?

Hookah charcoal is made of compressed coal dust. For igniting it, when the coal gets sparkling temperature, it contains sulfur or accelerant.

How to use hookah charcoal?
Those coal chemical starters are the reason for ensuring that the coal burns for a few minutes (until a black colour appears on the surface), therefore all accelerants burn. They are an important factor in heating a hookah.

The charcoal type that you use to make a difference in controlling the heat of a hookah bowl. There are cheap hookah coals (quick lighting coals), which can be ignited with a usual plastic lighter and natural hookah coals. Most of all natural charcoals are pyrolyzed wood or wood dust. Because natural best hookah coals contain no chemical lighting agents, for igniting they need a steady source of heat.

The overriding reason to choose natural wood charcoal for hookah over quick-light one, it is much more porous than other charcoals. Its weight says about it, it has less mass than other compacted charcoal. Other shisha charcoals, like quick-light one, is quite compact and dense. When it stands, sit a lower temperature for porous charcoal. Then raise to a higher temperature when you pull through the hookah.

How does natural wood charcoal differ from compacted charcoal?

When you are not pulling on your hookah bowl is not overheating and thus not burning. A reason and explanation of this are standing temperature being at lower heat level than other compressed charcoal.

Have you ever noticed smoke going from the hookah bowl even when you’re not drawing on a hose? That is a bad sign of burning shisha. Too much charcoal on your bowl at once, pulling too often from a shisha raise a hookah bowl temperature to the point at which the tobacco leaves in your hookah tobacco start to burn.

How to heat up coals for a hookah?

If you heat up your hookah coals for a while, then it shouldn’t go black. Let your coals to get red hot all around. Make certain of rotating it every few minutes, when it is on the stove. It gets heated from all sides and gets down to the inner part of the charcoal. The last part for getting black is the inner part of your shisha charcoal. Don’t let it heat up long enough.

Whilst smoking natural coals, make sure to burn the charcoal at all before using it. Meaning, make sure it is red hot all around, it should be red hot as much as you can get it. Try to flip it several times on an electric stove.

Best coals for hookah

Golden Quick-light Hookah Charcoal
Golden coals are among the cleanest burning instant coals on the market. Available in 33 mm and 40 mm. “Golden Coal” is the best hookah coal for a smoker, since only a small flame is required to ignite it. Keep one roll in your bag or shisha case as a backup, so you always have a way to smoke.


Three Kings Hookah Coil

Three Kings
The most reliable brand of the fast lighting of hookah coal. Three Kings are the globally recognized brand of instant coal. These hookah coals are available in boxes of 100 pieces (10 rolls of 10 coals each) in sizes of 33 mm or 40 mm. These coals are ideal when you take a hookah with you, as they are easily lit in seconds with a small flame.

Romman Lemonwood Hookah Charcoal
The best coal you have ever smoked helps maintain the necessary temperature. The natural lump coals made from citrus wood. They are very popular among hookah bars and more experienced hookah smokers.

Romman Lemonwood Natural Coals

Coco Nara Hookah Charcoal

Coco Nara Hookah Charcoal
The natural hookah coals are the perfect size for tongs, holds the perfect temperature for smoking hookah tobacco. There are super-clean burning hookah coals made from compressed coconut shells. Their ash more gracefully than most other coals and last up to 3 times longer than quick-light hookah coals.

Hookah Coal Cover

The metal device called a shisha cover is placed over your hookah bowl to help protect it from wind, as well as to keep heat from your shisha coals. Metal covers are perfect for smoking outdoors, or for a little extra confidence that your coal will stay in its place while smoking indoors. The ability to trap heat allows you to use fewer coals, as well as making your hookah charcoal smoke longer.

You may wonder how to heat hookah coals in the easiest way? The standard coal burner goes in handy – it has enough power to get you natural coconut coals burning in about 10 minutes. Put your coals over a burner and it will do all the work for you!