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The 4 Steps to Becoming A Distributor

Have you ever thought about an online hookah tobacco wholesale business?
You could work with the top finest UK GenelSmoke tobacco.

The excellence of the merchandise and the brand familiarity will speak for itself. You won’t have to worry about having to look for the regular purchasers yourself. No matter what is the scale of your venture. Bong leaves will always sell as the blowing smoke trend has been going strong for decades and it is likely to remain popular.


You do not have to worry about the struggle to survive in this market. Even though you could find plenty of other brand names for sale in stores. The Genel product is still tastier, cleaner and much better quality in general.


You will have to sell at least 100 kilos per every million inhabitants of your country. This is an absolute minimum and you can move to bigger amounts easily.


This amount of tobacco you have to sell every month in order to retain the title of the official GenelSmoke distributor. For more information contact us.


The aforementioned volume is doable and down-to-earth for the tobacco wholesale. We are increasing sales year-over-year. Join to Genel family!

If you failed

In case you fail to sell this volume within a month, we can give the official distributor title to another enterprise. Also, you have a chance to try our products for free.


If for some reason you do not feel ready to be the official distributor in the region look at some other options. First of all our minimal bulk order is only 10 kilos of GenelSmoke tobacco.
The pricing changes in accordance with your purchase.
The costs are very flexible, so you can buy bulk tobacco in the amount most suitable for your enterprise. Call us for details.
Premium & Fresh - Just Try

Write to us, we will send samplers