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Celebrities Who Love Hookah As Much As Drake!

History of the hookah goes far back to the 1500s in Persia, but still, this type of smoking gains its popularity just in modern times. More and more celebrities smoking along with buff smokers. They are caught by paparazzi while enjoying flavoured tobacco through the hookah pipe. It gives them more attractiveness, makes celebrities exquisitely charming and at the whole shows the world how to relax and have some fun with all the dignity with no forbidden matters.

You probably know that doing anything on regular basis may influence your body, especially regarding smoke, but there are a lot of studies which have shown that smoking hookah defers from anything you could try before, like cigarettes or marijuana. This unique experience came to us from far lands to present how tobacco filtering through the pipes gives a great satisfaction from time spending with those, who love to share with you such type of recreation.

Hookah bars are popping up everywhere all over Europe and America, it becomes a trend, as smoking celebrities have been snapped smoking hookah at one point or another. Drake, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian and moreover was seen enjoying on a night or another.

Female Celebrity Smoking Hookah

Swarm of journalists and crowds of paparazzi were always following celebrities. Being famous doesn’t allow you to keep the majority of your actions out someone’s observing eye. Most celebs do something wild and unusual, wear bright and strange clothes, make us pay attention to regular loud statements and sure, they spread a new stream of stylish and chic things. Hookah is deep down in the hearts of smoking female celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Kristin Kreuk, Kim and Khloe Kardashian altogether with Rihanna.

Miley Cyrus was known as Hannah Montana in 2000s, but then she disappeared from tabloids and first pages of the most popular magazines. Her coming back was bright and there was no one who hasn’t noticed how that little girl has changed. She was seen among the most outstanding celebrities, on the best party and created a new look for herself. Now we know Miley Cyrus not only as a singer and actress but also as one of the most popular celebs smoking hookah. There is no party with her where she wouldn’t smoking shisha. As her fame has skyrocketed she became addicted to all those celebrities vices altogether with smoking hookah.

Miley Cyrus celebs smoking hookah

Kristin Kreuk is known for playing the girl-next-door to Superman on the TV show Smallville. It is not enough that she is a really talented person, besides that she was caught as smoking celebs with a hookah and we can say this smoking suits her very much.

Kristin Kreuk hookah smoking

Khloe and Kim Kardashian from the Kardashian’s family are surely not one to shy away from all things stylish. What are they known for? It doesn’t really matter, as the women from the family are celebrity trendsetter. They do their business well, as we can see. They smoke shisha to the parties, at home and excluding these, Kim Kardashian could be seen smoking Hookah during her visit to the Sephora store in Dubai. Bold one!

Khloe and Kim Kardashian smoking hookah

Female celebrity smoking list is impossible to exist without Rihanna. She has helped to popularize hookah smoking. This celeb embraces all thing cultural and eclectic. Preparing for the concert at a backstage, she was seen to relax before performance enjoying a few puffs. She is habitué of bars, nightclubs and parties she catches a moment and eases moments with the pipe of hookah, that makes her even more wild and beautiful.

Rihanna & Hookah

Male Celebrities Smoking Hookah

The general smoking of hookah is liked not by female celebs, but male, too. Famous basketball players, singers, actors, rappers are often seen smoking hookah, recording short videos in the process, and just enjoying this kind of relaxation altogether.

Drake Smoking a Hookah

Even Drake’s videos often feature him engaging in this pastime – whether at a lounge or on an aeroplane or at home – the rapper can be seen smoking hookah. Drake smoking hookah is not surprised for his fans as this man is known for a lot of extravagant doing and actions. All we can do it just follow his example and maybe to try ordering of a hookah on the plane board?

Mike Tyson Smoking Hookah

Former undisputed heavyweight champion, Mike Tyson has been seen smoking Hookah in a fashionable fedora. In between punching people in the face and providing humorous cameos in the Hangover franchise, Mike Tyson enjoys a spot of Hookah smoking. He was seen smoking in a Hookah lounge in Las Vegas whilst on the set of The Hangover.

A.J Mclean Hookah Smoking

Among celebrity smoking hookah there is AJ Mclean, former Backstreet Boys, featured his home as well as his Hookah pipe on MTV’s “Cribs”. The singer likes to get down with the hookah, too.

Shaquille O'Neal smoking hookah

Shaquille O’Neal is an admired hookah fan and is often spotted in different hookah lounges, for example in Miami. Basketball isn’t this popular in as in the US. However, even the Europeans have heard of Shaq. Now you know that he is not just the most famous basketball players in the world, but also is a famous buff of hookah smoking.

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