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Best Shisha Mixes – Time to Get Creative

This article is just what you need in case you are feeling tired of all the traditional hookah mixes out there and need to come up with something of your own. Getting creative might be a good idea when you want to entertain your friends, find some interesting combinations, etc. It will never get boring.

Creating hookah recipes might be a lot of fun. Especially if you have some friends and family that support you. Turn it into a hobby if you want to or just get to mixing flavours once in a while. The cool thing is that your creative possibilities are limitless and all the options are open. Every custom made bland is always unique. If you try to mix the combo by yourself, it will be slightly different every time. Although we have some of the best hookah flavour mixes in our product line already we encourage you to try and surprise us with an idea of your own.

Make sure to let us know if you have any ideas. Also, remember to write if you want some good advice or guidance. We love to interact with customers and we are willing to talk about anything, not just how to make a shisha mix.

Best Hookah Flavours to Mix And Match

You have a choice to either go for one of the traditional hookah flavour mixes or come up with some new one. The most popular shisha mixes recipe among our customers is a combination of strawberry and banana. That is why we had to turn it into a separate product. Another popular combination is mint with various fruits. For example, mint and blueberry flavour. It is fresh and sweet at the same time. Or if you want something fresher try grapefruit together with mint which is quite unusual with a zesty grapefruit and refreshing mint.

Caramel apple flavour is great for people that have a sweet tooth. Apple has a rich fresh flavour and caramel is very rich and sweet. We also have a custom blend for people that love sweet and zesty flavours. Guava and mango taste fruity, tangy with a sweet aftertaste.

Passionfruit and mango is a blend that was also made with sugar lover in mind. The taste is sweet yet very soft and genuine. You will have a juicy aftertaste that lasts for a long time. Another treat for the sweet tooth people is strawberry cream flavour. It is among the sweeter tasting shisha blends but the cream makes it very smooth and gentle with a long lasting aftertaste.
If you have a taste for fresh, zesty or sour flavours and do not want any sweetness we have some custom made blends for you. We have come up with some really good hookah mixes that have plenty of taste and no obnoxious sweetness. The lemon and lime mix is very refreshing and tasty, not too tangy. Ice mint is a very unusual flavour that we are proud of. It might not be the best selling one. Ice mint is definitely a minority flavour but if you do not like sugary flavours you should give this one a go. Even if you have to make a shisha for yourself only it is still worth trying.

Now you have a list of all the best hookah flavor mixes we have discovered and blended in the right proportions specifically for you. Let us know which ones of those you have tried before and which ones you’ve liked the most.

Some Suggestions from Genel

Before getting down to mixing yourself we suggest you following a few simple guidelines:

  • All the tobaccos you want to mix should be of the same brand so the ingredients match together well. Ideally, you should also check the content. For example, Genel always uses the same quality ingredients so mixing a few flavours together won’t harm the product.
  • Make sure that both products are of the same age. Newer shisha might have way more aroma thus other flavours will fade and become indistinctive.
  • Make sure to try all shisha flavours separately before getting down to creating your own mix. If you take flavours like mint or lemon, they are pretty potent and can overpower any fruit aromas. So you should count how much of this or that to add into the mix.
  • The basic idea is that fruit, ice, mint, and menthol will work together well and the mix comes out nice. However, if you try mixing caramel and lemon, for example, you might end up with some really funny taste. We are all for creativity here at Genel but you should be careful and thoughtful with flavour families. You have fresh, you have fruity and you have candy. Some aromas require careful handling.

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  • Think through all the flavours in advance. Calculate which flavour is the most potent which one is the softest. Come up with a plan of how you want the flavour to uncover itself and how it should evolve from one flavour to another. It takes a load of hard work to come up with some of the best hookah mixes but don't be afraid. A little bit of practice and you can surprise your friends with some really creative combos.
  • Whatever shisha you put on top the closest to the spire will be the primary flavour. So if you have the main flavour in mind make sure to distribute it evenly. This way the primary taste won’t get overpowered by other added aromas.
  • Decide on how you want to mix. For example, you can put tobacco in layers to get a change of taste effect. You start with one flavour and then gradually you move onto another one as you smoke. This might for the more advanced shisha mix recipes.

Unconventional Mixes: Choose from Genel

If you do not feel that confident about mixing the stuff yourself Genel has got you covered. We have some good shisha mixes recipes for you to play with before you come up with your own.


  • The easiest shisha recipe is to start with mixing two fruity aromas. If all your flavours are sweet and fruity they will play well together. For example, grape, apple and orange will work well. Or try blueberry, pomegranate, and mixed berries if you like some tangier fruity flavour.
  • Think about adding mint or ice separately. These two flavours work well with fruits. But here you should be a bit more careful with the amount of product. For the best hookah combinations, the amounts of flavours should always vary. The rule is simple, the more potent the aroma is the less tobacco you should add in the mix.
  • There is no set list of best hookah flavours to mix as it all depends on your personal taste and creativity. If you feel like being naughty and creating some extremely unusual mixes you should definitely go for it.

More Ideas

Good hookah flavors might be created accidentally. What if you get curious and try mixing candy and fruity etc.? No need to feel shy if you have some really crazy combo in mind.

But whatever you do remember that it would be very disappointing if you create one of the best hookah flavors mixes and then you accidentally forget it. So a pen and a paper definitely won’t hurt. Keep a careful track of all your actions so later you can come back to your records and develop your own custom shisha mixes.

Do you want a cool idea for a surprise or a gift? You can create a new mix of flavours for a certain friend or relative. Having your own shisha flavour as a birthday gift would be so cool. You just need to make sure you know what the person likes.

Why Genel Stuff Is Better

We have always worked as a united team putting our body and soul into what we do. So whenever you get your hands on a pack of Genel smoke you know that it was made with people in mind. Our customers have always been our inspiration.

Your personal satisfaction with the product is our top priority. We want you to go creative and that statement goes way beyond the hookah mix. Genel team is a family and the customers are also family, so we want you to always be creative and inspired by our quality product.