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The idea of hookah tobacco production started 3.5 years ago. The summer of 2016 was a period of total financial slack. Lack of information regarding the production process, lack of funding. A typical story of survival.

It all started with knockoffs. The first borrowed 100€ were spent on the raw material for experiments. The money wasn’t enough for buying scales, so the experimental batch had been estimating by eye. The year of numerous experiments, and we saddled with debt were finally starting to produce a very ordinary product, which we managed to sell and acquire all the necessary equipment with the proceeds from the first sales.

2 years after the decision was taken to divest knockoffs production. In 2018 our own brand was presented, and we named it Genel, that is Prevalent, Overhead, General, Grand translated from Turkish. It was a risky move and a crucial point. How to win the market when you are a noname? No money for advertising, nervous breakdowns, sleepless nights, closed doors in front of us, numerous refusals – exactly how we were entering the market with our Genel product.

It was a very hard way full of frustrating moments. By now we’ve built our business in many European cities. The production at the Latvian manufacturing facility goes up and up. The fight for the European market has ended up on our side, and it definitely gave us second wind.

And now Genel Smoke is coming into the Russian market. For today we have got the plant in Russia up and running with Genel Smoke product with the new package design.

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Stages of Genel Production


The tobacco leaf used in our production is our key ingredient. The tobacco leaf from Central Europe with its ideal weather condition for tobacco cultivation – this climate has the virtues of never being too cold or too hot. For this very reason Genel smokes so well. When we speak of “hookah tobacco”, “tobacco” is operative, and the quality of finished product is determined by the quality of the tobacco leaf.


With cold fermentation we use in our production, the heat resistance of tobacco increases, the bitterness of tobacco leaves is cured off, the taste and aroma of the tobacco get better.


At this stage the following ingredients are added to the tobacco leaf:

  • a 99.9% purified pharmaceutical glycerin made in Germany. Smoke without the smack.
  • a crystal-clear glucose syrup made in Italy. As pure as the driven snow.
  • organic flavourings of original German quality.


Currently, we use two types of packaging:

  • a cardboard pack 500g
  • a plastic jar 100g

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