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GenelSmoke Tobacco

There has been a gap in the market for some fine luxury leaf and GenelSmoke is there to fulfill it. Have you heard about this finest UK brand? You might have missed out but if you try our product your life will change.

We are sure that shisha tobacco is a piece of art. Especially if you dive into the process of growing and production. It’s so complex, well-tuned, and resource-intensive that you’ll fall in love with our tobacco from the first try. If you are used to smoking some generic brands you can’t come back to them once you have tried our product.

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Tobacco production process

Handmade Hookah Tobacco

We are proud of our handmade hookah tobacco. We have all the rights to state that the end product is a work of human hands. Just in case you did not know, the process of manufacturing tobacco for hookah is very exciting and fun.

Glycerine Saturation Process

The next step is the glycerine saturation process. We soak the leaves in it for 7 days while mixing it every 6 hours to make sure that each and every leaf is soaked equally.

Our Leaves

Our Virginia gold and Berly leaves grow in Germany under the restrictive German pesticides usage laws. Moreover, they simply know their product better than the rest.

How We Process Our Leaves

Every single leaf gets rinsed through with a regenerated well water to make sure there is no dust or residue left on it. Because we only need the taste and the quality and nothing else in GenelSmoke.


Now the raw shisha tobacco is put into a centrifuge camera to air it and fill it with oxygen. This facilitates the proper burning process and helps uncover the true flavor of the leaves.

Honey Substitute & Edible Flavors

And the most exciting part is when we soak the leaves in a honey substitute and edible flavors. We let the mixture rest for a day and it is ready for packing. We have studied and perfected the whole manufacturing process.

How We Dry Leaves

We dry the leaves until they reach a certain amount of humidity needed for the perfect aroma and burning time. We cannot tell you the details, it is a corporate secret.


We hand-pack every small bit of our hookah tobacco. So when the leaf is reaching the end customer you can feel the extra love we put in our product. Every single pack is of the same top quality standard.

Get a Free Sample

At GenelSmoke, we are so confident about our product that we are offering free samples to all the people in the smoking industry. If you are a blogger or perhaps a proud owner of the hookah bar or shop you should contact us by phone or online.

We will be delighted to show you some of our pride and joy as we put our heart into our work. That’s how it should be if you want to come up with a fine luxury product.

There are dozens of flavors for you and the customers to choose from, so do not hesitate to contact us. You are most likely to be our partner for life. The prices for our tobacco are reasonable as we offer the best price-quality ratio on the smoke market.

Be Our Partner

If you love to blow smoke and know a few things about shisha tobacco, we welcome you into the family. Maybe you are just a hookah enthusiast dreaming about your own tobacco shop? Would you like to have your own hookah shop with the best quality leaf for sale?

It is all possible because you could be our next official distributor in your country. Just in case you do not feel confident enough yet, the wholesale order at our online store starts at 10 kilos. The GenelSmoke brand is a synonym of the fine luxury. You would never have any issues looking for customers rather have many willing customers looking for you. Feel free to call any time.

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